In this post, I will provide 5 best way to make money online in India for students. 1. Selling notes: If your good in studies then it is a god gifted to you as it is the best way to make money online for any student. There are many websites which help the students to earn money through selling the notes on their website. In this website, you can upload any notes of the subject like maths, English, Hindi, physics etc…in which you have the mastery the procedure for submitting your note is easy you have to signup on this website and compete for your profile after completing your information you have to upload your notes and now a question will be raised in your mind how to make money you will earn money then I am here you to guide it is easy you have to make the price of your notes.

on which price any student or any person will buy your is easy for any student to earn money from this website like ClearSlide , Prezi , and Slideshark . 2.Data entry job If you have a laptop or pc then this type of job is most profitable for any person. In this type of jobs, you have to maintain the data of any things in your excel sheets. A question will arise in your mind that who will give you money for maintaining data then I will tell you that in today’s internet world there are many data which an organisation can’t maintain there own so they hire persons from outside for maintaining their data in return they give money to them for the work.

There are many fraud companies in this type of business you have to carefully check them if they are genuine or can check their profile or you can collect information about them from the market. 3.Blogging Nowadays it’s the trend of blogging yes you can make money online through blogging. It is easy to rank your website but you have to maintain quality content and you have to build a community you only can build a community by delivering quality content to them.

It is not an easy task you have to spend the time to rank your blog have some time you can earn above $1000 per month. There are many ways you can make money online through blogging Adsense – It is a google ad displaying network you can put ads of this network on your blog but you have to submit your blog to google after reviewing your blog google can accept your blog for monetizing or it can reject your blog for monetizing it. Affiliate marketing- It is the next way you can make money you have to simply paste the code of affiliate website to your blog and then you can make more money than ads network.

Sponsored post- are those post you have to place on your blog these posts are referred post posts. These posts are given by other peoples or person to place this post on your blog in return you will get money. sell dyi crafts – If you have interest in making dyi products then you can make money online by selling these products on Amazon, Flipkart, ebay. Or you can make a video of your while making dyi products and upload it to youtube and you can sell products by youtube and you can also earn money by youtube ads network.

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