A pussy is also a specific type of scarf at Winchester College, usually awarded for excellence in a certain non-academic field.

Different colour patterns and combinations denote what the pussy was awarded for. Pussies are hand knitted from wool and have quite a loose pattern. They have decorative tassels on the ends. Due to the somewhat fragile construction woolen strands have a tendency to get caught and pulled out, neccessitating loving care.

Rather predictably the name of these gives rise to a number of amusing comments, such as:

“What are you doing with my pussy”, and

“How dare you touch my pussy”

Anyway reader, you shall have facts: Here I shall give descriptions of several of the pussies, and for what they are awarded.


Mostly white, three thick blue stripes at each end.

Awarded for being a reserve or actually playing in one of the six a side Winchester College football matches that college plays.


Mostly white with a colour band at each end incorporating the stripes purple, Scam Supplements burgundy, purple.

Representing the school in an external debate in either the first or second team(each of two people).


A band of blue, deep red, blue on each end of a white background.

Two awarded each year by the current president of the society.


Mostly bright red with three white stripes at each end.

Breaking a school record in an athletic track or field event.


Mostly black with a band of red, yellow, green at each end.

Persistent and intensive involvement with many theatre productions


Ringing a quater-peal on a working bell. If, unusually enough you actually know anything about this and spot a mistake don’t hesitate to /msg me.

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