What It Means If Your Fish Oil Supplement Gives You Fishy Burps

One important way to prevent fish burps from cropping up altogether is to select a quality fish oil supplement. Ferira specifically recommends looking for a fish oil product that focuses on preventing oxidation through careful processing of the oil during manufacturing (transparency about their sourcing and manufacturing procedures is always a good sign here) and includes antioxidants like rosemary in the formula.Some brands opt to utilize chemical compounds to create a special coating on the supplement (called an enteric coating) that delays the release of the supplements’ contents until it reaches the small intestine. This way, once the fish oil is released, it’s too far into your system to create a fishy burp. It should be noted, though, that while enteric coatings are safe, they do add quite a few extra ingredients to a product, Ferira notes. Other brands opt to incorporate natural botanical oils like lemon or lime oil to their formulations to mask the burps or stop them in their tracks.* “In addition to extremely fresh and pure fish oil from wild-caught, cold-water South Pacific anchovies from off the coast of Chile, mindbodygreen’s omega-3 potency+ incorporates organic lemon oil and the herb rosemary to thoughtfully counteract fish burps and enhance the fish oil’s antioxidant capacity and freshness respectively,”* Ferira explains. It’s a winning combo for a top-quality (and belch-free) supplementing experience. That said, avoiding fish burps doesn’t stop at checkout. Caring for your fish oil supplement is also important in keeping the burps at bay. Ferira recommends storing it away from heat and light and tightening the cap completely after each use to limit oxygen exposure.Of course, being mindful of when and how you take your fish oil is also important. If fish burps are a problem for you, avoid popping your supplement alongside a big meal, alcohol, or your favorite carbonated beverage (all of which, slow gastric motility and increase the chances of burping).

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