This Is The Year Your Mood & Energy Stay Up All Winter. Here’s How

Stretching, in general, has loads of benefits—it decreases muscle tension, improves circulation, alleviates muscle pain, and more—but stretching in the morning specifically can give your body a much-needed boost at the beginning of the day. You’ll increase your blood flow, relieve stiffness in your joints and muscles, and signal to your brain and body that you’re ready for whatever’s ahead.No matter what position you sleep in, your muscles can develop tension overnight, and stretching is an effective way to release it. No need to roll out a yoga mat and turn on a YouTube tutorial (if you want to, great, do you!). Before you even set foot on the floor, simply take a minute to stretch out in bed and do a stretch or two once you get up. Doing a cobra stretch, child’s pose, or a few jumping jacks will get your blood circulating and wake up your body. If that feels like too much, you can simply stand up, reach for the sky as high as you can, and then touch your toes. There, you’ve literally started the day off strong. 

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