Believe It To Achieve It

26 Jan Believe It To Achieve It

Posted at 20:37h
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by Natalie Jill

Do you believe you can reach your goal?
Before you can achieve ANY goal you MUST believe first that you can achieve the goal. You must believe in the possibility. You must believe you CAN achieve the outcome you want. And, you must believe it’s HAPPENING.
We are the result of our habits, but without first believing it’s possible you can’t get there.
You see so many people work to reach their goals by adding habits on a broken belief system. For example, in the fat loss and health space where so many of my clients seek my help… clients want the “workout” or the “meal plan” or the “supplement” to “fix them.” But they want to do this on an old belief system.
Those workouts and meal plans DO work but only long term if the client first BELIEVES they will accomplish their goal!
If a client comes to me with “Nothing ever has worked and nothing will work for me” attitude then it does not matter what plan I give them it will not work.
The key to lasting results
When we upgrade their belief FIRST (where I LOVE to help) everything changes. Results happen and they happen quickly.
Have you ever been frustrated about your phone or computer working slowly? Like you keep trying to add more apps to it and get it to do more but it is breaking down? What typically fixes that is upgrading and updating the software. Rebooting. Cleaning it up and starting fresh.
Just like computers we must UPGRADE  beliefs (the operating system) first before adding new habits. The same way that you must update your computer software before adding more apps and programs!
I share this for you as much as I share it for myself.
I’ve been stuck in a story around my “broken back”… I BELIEVE now that I’ll get stronger than ever and I’m becoming the type of person who practices the habits to get me there.
Today:I believe I can and willI did the habits of a healed and strong person:
Natalie Jill

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