13 Best Face Oils For Gua Sha That Leave Your Skin Glowing

It’s the golden rule of gua sha: Always apply facial oil before using your stone. You need enough slip so that the tool can easily glide across the contours of your face—without it, you can pull or tug at your delicate skin. As for which oil to pair with your stone? Well, to be clear, not all face oils are created equal: “It’s important that you are choosing a very good-quality, high-vibrational facial oil,” says skin care expert Debbie Kung, DAOM, LAc, in an episode of Clean Beauty School. And while a bunch of high-quality blends boast skin-loving antioxidants and fatty acids, selecting your go-to slip ultimately depends on your own skin concerns, budget, and what you want to get out of your practice (Skin soothing? Brightening? Plumping?) Fabulous news: We’ve outlined the best of the best below. 

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