The Best New Travel Destinations of 2020

We know you want to go to Mexico City. (Maybe even for the third or fourth time.) That destination has been thriving for five or six years now, since the secret got out. And you don’t need us to tell you to visit Amsterdam, Tokyo, or Rio—though we’ve got great tips for each of those for when you do visit. So what are the up-and-coming travel destinations of 2020?

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Or which already-popular spots are enjoying a renaissance of sorts? Whether you want to travel across the country, take a Eurotrip, or fly to the opposite corner of the globe, consider these eight up-and-coming travel destinations you’re certain to adore. For this year’s promising locales, you can eat and drink your way through Perugia, Italy, and Champagne, France, or get your thrills at a far-flung adventure destination (and that’s not even the half of it).
These thriving cities and countries have been picked by four seasoned travel writers who are constantly on the go: Krystin Arneson, Lindsay Lambert Day, David Farley, and yours truly.

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