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The war is still raging in Narcos. Netflix announced the second season of the series, Narcos: Mexico, will air February 13, revealing the first look with short teaser, as well as a number of photos of the cast, including Diego Luna as Guadalajara cartel baddie Félix Gallardo.

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Beware, there will be spoilers for Season 1 of Narcos: Mexico below.
After the thrilling events of Season 1, including what happened to DEA agent Kiki Camarena (Michael Peña) and the Narcos crossover episode with Pablo Escobar (played again by Wagner Moura), showrunner Eric Newman said the drama will be just as big in the new season.
“To understand the current level of drug violence in Mexico you have to understand how it all started, and truly grasp America’s integral role in it,” Eric Newman said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “Narcos is the greatest and most satisfying professional endeavor of my life, and to write and creatively steer this show for now four seasons, I will do this as long as they’ll let me do it.”

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Here’s a short teaser for Season 2:

Catch him if you can. Narcos: Mexico Season 2 premieres February 13 on @netflix.
— Narcos (@NarcosNetflix) December 17, 2019

Here are some key details about Narcos: Mexico and a first look at photos from the series below:
The New Timeline: After showing the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel and the growth of the drug trade in Mexico, Season 2 moves into the mid-1980’s and tracks what happens when the cartel gets too big for its own good. The season will also have a major track about the corruption going on in the government and the political changes that affected the region.
“This is the beginning of the fall for [political party] PRI, which is the party that was in power in Mexico for 70 years,” Luna told THR in an interview about Season 1. “People are rising and there is this feeling of people doing something they can control. A social awakening. That’s when the PRI starts to fall. So much happens.”
Scoot McNairy in ‘Narcos: Mexico’. Narcos: Mexico / NetflixScoot McNairy’s Set for a Big Role: After being the unseen narrator of Season 1, McNairy is stepping into the fold as a major character for the new season as the DEA agent-in-charge, Walt Breslin. McNairy’s character takes point in Mexico to deal with the aftermath of Kiki Camarena’s kidnapping and the next stage of the American mission against Mexico’s cartels.
“It’s just the continuing revolving doors of, ‘Here comes the new guy and this time we’re going to get it right,’” Newman said about Season 2. “We’ve now seen that with agents Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) and Peña (Pedro Pascal) in seasons one and two, Peña alone in season three, Kiki Camarena in Narcos: Mexico, and now a new guy, who is basically going to come down and probably get nothing done and the cycle will continue.”

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The New Players: Along with returning players like Luna and McNairy, the season will have a number of new characters, including:
Nat Faxon (The Descendants) as Ted Kaye
Andrés Londoño (Fear the Walking Dead) as Enrique Clavel
Matt Biedel (Altered Carbon) as Daryl Petski
Mayra Hermosillo (Falco) as Enedina Arellano Felix
Alex Knight (Legion) as Kenny Moss,
Jose Julian (The Society) as Javier Arellano Felix
Noé Hernandez (We Are the Flesh) as Rafael Aguilar
Characters on the Rise: After having a small role in Season 1, Alejandro Edda’s Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is set to have more of an impact on the story in this season. “El Chapo” is now known as one of the most notorious drug cartel leaders in the world is now serving a life sentence at ADX Florence in Colorado. During this time period of the series, Guzman starts his rise and this could lead to a more substantial role in future seasons as he becomes leader of the Sinaloa Cartel.
Diego Luna in ‘Narcos: Mexico’. Narcos: Mexico / NetflixThe Consequences of Season 1 Will Continue to Ripple: As it happened in real life, Gallardo and his cartel henchmen kidnapped and killed Kiki Camarena (Michael Peña) toward the end of Season 1. This one move will have some major ripple effects into Season 2, including with American forces coming down even harder on the cartels in Mexico.
“The assassination of Kiki Camarena changed everything for this organization, for Felix, and for the whole relationship between Mexico and the states forever,” Luna said. “It’s a dramatic point in the story of our countries. I do think that after that moment, Felix’s life changes, as does the life of everyone around him.”
Here are more of the first-look photos from Narcos: Mexico Season 2:
Narcos: Mexico / NetflixNarcos: Mexico / NetflixNarcos: Mexico / NetflixNarcos: Mexico / NetflixNarcos: Mexico / NetflixNarcos: Mexico / NetflixNarcos: Mexico / NetflixNarcos: Mexico Season 2 starts streaming on February 13.

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