Setting off toward a new goal is its own endorphin rush. You’ve set your target and can practically taste success. In the words of every group fitness instructor, “Time to get after it!” If only it were that easy. In fact, we humans are terrible at getting after it. And weContinue Reading

It’s hard not to dread the treadmill if all you’re using it to do is run the same pace for 30 minutes while zoning out to some terrible reality TV show. Yeah, that sucks. But using the treadmill for interval workouts instead—shorts bursts of work followed by recovery periods—can makeContinue Reading

You know that phrase, “Do what’s most important first thing in the morning”? That doesn’t mean check your email or scroll through Twitter and Instagram. It means perform some morning exercises. Considering the fact your day is mostly going to be spent sitting in front of your screen, the bestContinue Reading