When Matt Reeves’ The Batman hits the big screen in May 2021, the iconic Gotham City will likely look a bit different than we’ve previously seen ‘No Time to Die’: Here Are the Incredible Locations Where ‘Bond 25’ Filmed Director Christopher Nolan used combinations of Chicago, Pittsburgh, and New YorkContinue Reading

Banff feels bigger than an ordinary resort town. Situated just over an hour west of Calgary, Alberta, the eastern side of Banff wraps around Tunnel Mountain, whose ridgeline resembles the profile of a sleeping buffalo. The Stoney Nakoda First Nation, one of many tribes with thousands of years of history inContinue Reading

The new year always takes some adjustment. Now that the holiday dust has settled, job duties (hopefully) back on track, maybe even sticking to some resolutions, it’s time to plan some travel. If getting outdoors is a 2020 priority, we’ve got some great news: This upcoming Martin Luther King Jr.Continue Reading

As far as I’m concerned, life is best when it’s partially-planned. Enough, say, to get you to the right place at the right time, while still leaving enough blank space on the canvas that is your day. This creates room for serendipity, which in turn, breeds a good adventure. Photo:Continue Reading

In many ways, tourists are the lifeblood of coastal towns the likes of Cape Cod, Nantucket, and the Hamptons. When the mercury swells, tourists descend on hot spots, eager to belly-up to a bar brimming with sun-scorched, wind-blown locals. Come winter, most of these eateries and hotels are shuttered. ButContinue Reading

Winter vacations. We need them to make it through the doldrums of the season. But sometimes you need some inspiration—some ideas that go beyond a quick jaunt to Miami. Fret not: There are plenty of warm-weather winter vacations that prove an ideal break from the icy weather. How does itContinue Reading

There are three questions you’ll hear repeatedly as you plan your trip to Tbilisi, Georgia. The first: “Is that near Atlanta?” To which you’ll respond: “Georgia the country, not the state.” The second: “Oh. Where is that exactly?” After which you’ll say: “In Europe. But removed from most of it.Continue Reading

The park is open for business – and few tourists are here — offering skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and more. Yesterday at sunrise, I backflipped out of a plane during a tandem skydive over Yosemite Valley. The loud roar of wind filled my ears as we dropped fast, and whenContinue Reading