The story is almost too wild to believe: Over the span of a decade, an ex-cop rigged the ultra-popular McDonald’s Monopoly game promotion, stealing millions of dollars to enrich himself and a bunch of co-conspirators around the country. Now, you can go deep into the story with McMillions, a MarkContinue Reading

After putting out high-profile films like The Irishman, Six Underground, The King, Triple Frontier, and Marriage Story in 2019, Netflix is going for it again in 2020 in a big way. The streamer has a number of big projects set for release, including new films from actors like Chris Hemsworth, MarkContinue Reading

When Mark Wahlberg commits to something, he fully commits. Whether it’s waking up before sunrise to train or getting attached to wires and thrown around while filming an action movie, the actor doesn’t shy away from a challenge. He’s proved that once again with his most recent Infinite transformation. COVERContinue Reading

We follow Mark Wahlberg’s intense fitness regimen closely. The guy is continually more and more shredded—eat your heart out, 1992 Calvin Klein underwear ad—and is currently staying in tip-top shape for upcoming features like Infinite and The Six Billion Dollar Man. Now you might not be able to keep upContinue Reading