What should you do first: lifting or cardio? Many trainers recommend kicking things off in the weight room, since muscles are fresher and able to lift more, helping you progress. But a study in the Journal of Exercise Science & Fitness gives cardio top billing. Fourteen men in their 20sContinue Reading

Hot yoga is a superheated fitness trend that hasn’t lost its steam. The practice involves yoga in rooms where the temperature’s been upped to a sweltering 100-plus degrees. It’s earned converts owing to the pliability muscles have at warmer temperatures and the overall challenge of the practice. It may alsoContinue Reading

Those huge locker room mouthwash dispensers should be banished, a U.K. study, published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine, finds. That minty swish hinders fitness gains. It has to do with nitric oxide, a naturally occurring substance in blood vessels, which increases during exercise to bring more oxygen to muscles. TheContinue Reading

AMONG PLYOMETRIC moves, box jumps are a favorite. They build explosive power, cardio capacity, and balance. Runners can get even more out of the move with a second box. “Split-­stance box jumps came from exploring sprinting mechanics,” says Ash­ton Roberts, founder of AR Performance Training in Pasadena, CA. They re­createContinue Reading

PHYSICAL THERAPY is a drag—particularly for devoted athletes. Sidelined by an injury, they find themselves at a physical therapy facility, plodding through the same generic protocol as a septuagenarian next to them. So more people are turning to integrated gyms that put bodywork and high-level training under the same roof.Continue Reading

THINK ABOUT YOUR LAST abs workout. It was probably sit-ups, Russian twists, reverse crunches, with rep counts reaching the hundreds. Those are perfectly good moves. But we propose a different way, via a practice that goes back a hundred years. Pilates workouts stand out thanks to the 360-degree approach toContinue Reading

Setting off toward a new goal is its own endorphin rush. You’ve set your target and can practically taste success. In the words of every group fitness instructor, “Time to get after it!” If only it were that easy. In fact, we humans are terrible at getting after it. And weContinue Reading

It’s hard not to dread the treadmill if all you’re using it to do is run the same pace for 30 minutes while zoning out to some terrible reality TV show. Yeah, that sucks. But using the treadmill for interval workouts instead—shorts bursts of work followed by recovery periods—can makeContinue Reading