Comedian, writer, and actor Rob Delaney just wrapped the final season of his award-winning series, Catastrophe. But maybe you know him from his recent roles in action blockbuster Hobbs & Shaw or political drama Bombshell. In any case, for as great a year as this was for Delaney, the futureContinue Reading

Rocky Johnson, longtime wrestler, WWE Hall of Fame athlete, and the father of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has passed away at the age of 75. The WWE first announced the news on Wednesday. 27 Celebrities and Athletes Who Followed in Their Fathers’ Footsteps WWE executive and wrestler Paul “Triple H”Continue Reading

Black Widow may have met her match. In the newest trailer for the solo film, Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff goes head to head with Taskmaster, giving fans their first look at the villain who has the ability to imitate the fighting skills of anyone he’s battling. Scarlett Johansson Teams WithContinue Reading

Bryan Cranston. Steve Carell. Chris Pratt. Kumail Nanjiani. Many of our modern Hollywood badasses, whether they’re on screens small or big, started as comedic actors, headlining Judd Apatow movies or beloved ’90s sitcoms before some huge studio paid them to get an eight-pack. But an unlikely candidate for the gruffContinue Reading

Actor Jared Leto is out for blood in the first trailer for Morbius. The Oscar-winning star is playing the classic Spider-Man antihero Michael Morbius in the new film, which tells the origin story of how the scientist gets transformed into super-powered vampire-like monster. What’s Jared Leto Doing with Alex HonnoldContinue Reading

Dwayne Johnson is taking his “wild, Forrest Gump-like” life story to the small screen. NBC announced that Johnson will produce Young Rock, a comedy series about his early life, and the actor will appear in each episode, Deadline reports. Dwayne Johnson Has Started Training for His ‘Black Adam’ Movie. Here’sContinue Reading

The new film Terminator: Dark Fate had some of the most incredible action scenes of the year. From the massive gunfight with Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor on the bridge to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 battle with Gabriel Luna’s new Rev-9 model, there was something impressive in every set piece. Arnold SchwarzeneggerContinue Reading