IN 2008, Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark appeared onscreen with the Audi R8, a slick silver supercar that would be the German brand’s first. It pointed forward, with futuristic carbon-fiber sideblades and the first full-LED headlamps on a production car. Yet the R8 was somehow understated. It had no oversizeContinue Reading

TUCKED AWAY in a large, nondescript building, along a quiet stretch in the not-as-gritty-as-it-used-to-be Manhattan neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen, sits an absolute artistic masterpiece. It’s kept under wraps and must be unveiled, like a Michelangelo at Sotheby’s—only this statue is constructed out of carbon fiber and has recently broken theContinue Reading

Much like professional football or big wall rock climbing, overlanding was always something I admired from afar (or, let’s be honest, through Instagram) but never really considered doing myself. Unless I win the lottery, I’m probably not going to plunk down the cash for a kitted-out 4×4. So when FrontContinue Reading

The editors and contributors at Men’s Journal see and test a lot of gear. And after 12 months of testing and torturing everything from gravel bikes to blenders and bags, we’ve created a list of the stuff you’ll find us packing, riding, using, and wearing on our adventure, both homeContinue Reading

Becoming the maker of America’s favorite full-size pickup truck came at a price for Ford. The Ranger, once a strong contender in the mid-size truck market, disappeared nearly 10 years ago, partly so Ford could focus on strengthening the full-size F-150’s position in the market. That left the door openContinue Reading