14 Gifts Under $250 That Won’t Bankrupt You This Holiday Season

The heavy hitters in your life—partners, parents, buddies you’ve known since childhood—deserve something a little more special around the holidays. You want a gift that’ll stand on its own and strike a chord when they unwrap it, yet leaves you with enough cash in the wallet for everyone else on your list. That means creating a budget—sticking with gifts under $250.

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When you set out with parameters (shopping for gifts in the $100 to $250 range), you’re better able to stay on budget. Of course it’s not actually about how much money you spend. If you score a $5 trinket that throws back to your brother’s favorite 80s TV show, great. But in the grand scheme of things, you’re probably going to want something substantial enough to match their impact on your life.
The main issue: Sometimes the people closest to you can be the hardest to shop for. You know them so well that nothing seems good enough, and too generic a gift can feel like a cop out.

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To help you with your holiday shopping, here are 14 rad gifts under $250—like thermal Blundstones and Oakley ski goggles—that are perfectly suited for all kinds of family and friends.

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